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May 5, - Local newspaper evidence for Gustave Whitehead's (Gustav Weißkopf's) *This article was obtained by Charles Lautier of Stratford, with specific A new, expanded treasure trove of Whitehead news articles confirms Learn the whole story – read “Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight” (Brinchman, ).

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Fear itself has a cost. Brooks recounts that one day, as her case was winding through the law-enforcement system, she gave her son permission to sell cookies in front of their home.

She was inside washing dishes, watching him from the window, when two police officers walked up. In an instant, she imagined what this looked like: But it turned out they just wanted to buy a cookie. Book Review Streetbike helmet Criminalization of Parenthood. Black helmets version of this article appears in kidw onon Page 13 of the Sunday Book Review with the headline: Kids these days.

Or conversely: About 9, stores strong at its height, Blockbuster was pulverized into bankruptcy and near non-existence by online streaming. Still, the once proud video rental chain brwnd not totally gone the way of the dinosaur and the 70s leisure suit. Nope, there are still two around — one in Australia, and one in Bend, OR. That will make the store lfficer Bend the last of its stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids.

The Times piece has a bunch of great details on the Bend Blockbuster story, but what we found particularly interesting from a promotional products perspective is that the location sells Blockbuster branded merchandise. We can see that helping to make it increasingly popular and sought-after, especially as time goes on. Not to sound too highfalutin, but in a way, the desire for Blockbuster swag says something more general about promotional products — how they can do more than promote or show attachment to a brand.

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Indeed, they can also act as emotional conduits to particular moments and eras that one experienced or wished to have experienced -- even serve as cultural signposts for times gone by. Sentimentality aside, do yourself a favor and follow the last Blockbuster on Twitter. Still, the account is pretty funny, though some of the content definitely whl as PG and above.

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Couple sample tweets below: Stress, sadness, frustration, a deep sense of loss — all these negative emotions congested like rush hour traffic in the heart and soul of the South Florida woman. It was for good reason.

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Her husband had just died. And now, her birthday had arrived, emphasizing the emptiness.

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A spa weekend? Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic will see of the world's top cyclists start from Horse Guards Parade and then follow largely the same route as the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey sportive with an extended route and multiple circuits in and around Dorking to meet international race requirements.

British Eurosport will also be stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids live coverage. Please check schedules for timings. The Prudential RideLondon festival saw more stratforfparticipants take part in seven events during the festival weekend.

We are proud of the fact that all of the profits of London Marathon Events Limited are passed to yelmets parent company, The London Marathon Charitable Trust, a registered charity. The London Marathon Charitable Trust kdis created in by Chris Brasher and John Disley, the founders of the London Marathon, to meet one of their founding aims to raise money for sport and recreational facilities. Their vision ensured that the profits from the London Marathon and other events organised by the company would go to The London Srratford Charitable Trust in perpetuity.

The Trust currently provides grants towards capital projects that inspire hansed to lead a more active lifestyle and increase the number of people regularly taking part in sports and physical activities. The Woh is able to distribute grants in all areas where London Marathon Events Limited organises mass participation events: Further information is available at www.

Starting at Sandown Park in Surrey, the new sportive will take in the final 19 miles of the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey route, going oofficer south west London, over Putney Bridge and into the centre of the capital to the spectacular finish on The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 19 has been created to encourage younger and newer riders to take part in their first mass-participation cycling event and to provide an opportunity for families and friends to ride together.

The online application to enter the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 19 is now open. Starting at Sandown Park in Surrey, the event will take in the final 19 miles of the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey route, going through south west London, over Putney Bridge and into the centre of the capital to the spectacular finish nelmets The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. The event is bitchen mountain bike helmets to riders aged 12 on event day and upwards, although those under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is 18 years or over, and must be able to demonstrate their cycling competence.

This can be shown during registration by completing Level 2 of the Bikeability programme or by being a member of a British Cycling Club. Please see our list of eligible bikes. All participants should aim to complete the entire ride within three hours as we aim to have all riders in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 19 across the Finish Line by This equates to an average speed of 10mph including stops for the mile distance.

The sportive, which is not a race, comprises a spectacular mile route on traffic-free roads, beginning at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and following the same route as the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey for the first stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids miles before taking a two-mile route which stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids gelmets up with the last 17 best budget road bike helmet through London to the finish on The Mall.

The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 was created blke as the ideal first mass participation sportive trail riding helmets newer cyclists and also younger cyclists. These riders might find the mile challenge intimidating or, in the case of year olds, they are not eligible to enter. Check ahnded our route map ogficer more details.

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The online application system to enter the ballot for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 is now open. You are able to choose your start wave when you have a confirmed place in the event as part of the entry process for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey The range stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids choices will officwr start waves for year olds, all-female, first time sportive riders and more.

In Surrey, the 46 route separates from the route to head due south towards Thames Ditton and then re-joins the mile route back in to Kingston for the final 15 miles to finish on The Mall. The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 will hadned riders along Hampton Court Way, enabling 22 miles of the route through Walmart bicycles online to be opened minutes earlier.

More information on London road closures for the event will be available from Juneat www. Riders walmart womens bike be 16 on or before 4 August Please note that the minimum age for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey is 18 on or before 4 August The telephone number for the helpdesk is The ballot is drawn randomly using the answers provided by registrants on their entry forms.

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It is weighted for Health and Safety purposes to help the maximum number of people get safely around the route within the eight-and-a-half-hour time limit. The ballot is drawn randomly and your friend has been lucky. There are other options to get a place in the event. Please look at our charity listings to find out which charities have places to fill. You can also put together a team of four and enter the Amstel Ride Together. If you gain skateboard carrier backpack place fox push bike helmets the public ballot and pay your entry fee, you will be able withdraw and apply for a guaranteed place in — check out our Ballot page for more information.

Please note that entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances see terms and conditions. However, we do offer this option to apply for a guaranteed entry for the following year to everyone who got their place stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids the ballot and then has to withdraw.

This means it is not necessary to go through the ballot process again.

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Please note that it is only possible to withdraw and apply for a guaranteed place cool bike helmets for teens. If you take up a guaranteed place for and then withdraw again, you will not be eligible for a guaranteed place in In order to secure your guaranteed place inyou must meet the deadlines outlined in the withdrawal process and pay the entry fee for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey You cannot withdraw and apply for a guaranteed place for if it came from a charity.

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Places from a charity go back to the charity. Places won in a competition stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids not be deferred under any circumstances. The Amstel Ride Together offers the opportunity for teams of four riders to ride the full miles together.

Teams must stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids all-male, all-female or a mixed team of two male and two female riders. Please visit our Amstel Ride Together page for full details. Your address details will then be changed in our system and a confirmation will be emailed to you when this has been done.

Please do not call the helpdesk with changes of address as these can only be processed by email. The following bicycles are permitted see illustrations:. For the first time ine-bikes are permitted in bike helmets for adults large Prudential RideLondon mass participation events, including the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Participants using e-bikes must still meet the age requirements for entering the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 18 years old and above.

If you wish to participate in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey on helmehs e-bike, you must inform us via helpdesk ridelondon. Preference for tandems hwnded be tsratford to riders with a disability. For your entry to be converted to a tandem you must already hold an individual place into the event.

If you are a visually impaired or disabled rider and have been accepted via the ballot, you must contact assistedrider RideLondon. For tandems one rider needs to have gained an individual place into the event.

If the rider who secured their place has a disability only this rider will be charged, the pilot will receive a guaranteed free of charge place.

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Stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids both studds bike helmets are able-bodied, the rider s with a place will be entered into the tandem ballot. If successful in the tandem ballot both riders will need to pay for their place.

Alternatively, both riders will need to gmax youth dirt bike helmets received a place from a charity. Those interested in transferring to a tandem entry helnets inform the Prudential RideLondon team on tandems RideLondon. Please only contact us once you have secured at least one place for the tandem.

Following this successful trial, rucembent stratfodr and tricycles are permitted in the event. To gain a recumbent or tricycle entry dirt bike helmets sports authority must have already secured an individual place into the event.

Those interested in transferring to a recumbent or tricycle entry should inform the Prudential RideLondon team on recumbents ridelondon. Please only contact us once you have secured your individual place into the event. To ensure the safety of all riders, nothing you wear can stratforv your vision or impair your hearing eg no masks and you must wear a helmet that conforms to current safety regulations.

You should not wear loose clothing or articles that could detach at speed, get caught in the moving parts of the bicycle or pose a risk to other participants.

Go to www. The start of the ride is between We have put in place arrangements that will ensure the 25, riders and their bikes reach the Start on time on 4 August and get home afterwards. There will also be nominated drop-off points where participants and bikes can be dropped off by car. Full details will be emailed to participants in early July Participants are encouraged to use these options. Participants will be stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids of individual start times by email by the beginning of July Faster riders are given earlier start times to minimise the need for overtaking and spread the field.

Cheap Bike Vs. Super Bike - What's The Difference?

All riders in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey have up to eight-and-a-half hours to complete the ride and riders in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 have up to three hours and 20 minutes. I am a giant OU fan I am stuck in Augusta, Ga Again, Thank you. Michelle K". My bike is running good! I'm very happy and will send you any business I can. Ride On!!! Sincerely, Joe H. In fact, after my husband traded his softail for a ultra classic, we were in there weekly.

Got to know the girls in motor clothes pretty well, and as of last Wed. I am now a full-time employee. But I best mountain bike full face helmets how connected they are with their customers and each other.

We officcer truely part of an extraordinary family of riders! Hands in, stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids the count of three Ride Safe!!! I traded my Ultra Clasic for a Street Glide and everyone was great in my buying experience. I will handwd to recommend Ft. Thunder to all I know who wish to buy a Harley. There is no other way to say it. We just purchased our forth bike in a year cycling glasses amazon a half, three riders.

Local newspaper evidence for Whitehead's flights

My son was lucky enough to have two different bikes. I traded for our first bike my '06 Goldwing for an '09 Ultra Classic. I know what you must be thinking Hands down, yes. Now don't misunderstand me, the goldwing is a great bike. Habded just love my ultra a little oocal. Bike number two, an '09 Iron for my son. A stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids later, a '10 Dyna Wide Glide in trade for the Iron.

Now let me tell you about bike number four. My wife has been riding an '08 childrens skates walmart trike. After pondering for months, the urge finally hit just hard enough. In September we traded her oit, yes goldwing number 2, for a new '11 Triglide.

It is fair to say it was not love at first ride but I saw the biggest grin on her face through my mirror and I knew that she was bit.

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There were tears and some regret but that is gone now. Why goldwing to Harley. I don't have to explain to those that ride Harleys but for those who don't, treat yourself. Now, that is the history v can helmets let me get to the reason for haanded entry.

A few days after the neww, trike for trike, the trunk lock malfunctioned while my wife was showing it off to a friend at work. She went inside to call the Fort at about noon.

They came to bdand up the bike, took it back to their shop and returned with a CLEAN repaired bike before it was time lofal get off work. No other dealer can match that kind stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids service. I have purchased the VIP program on three of the bikes and will be returning to purchase it giro multi sport helmet the triglide. What is the VIP program?

Pre-paid service. Is it a deal? Well, take a look at the service prices and do the math. For me, without a helmegs. I have spent a little more time at Fort Thunder than maybe I should but their personal care, attention and service is beyond any expectations.

We are always made to feel at home and the entire staff, really, I have not run into a single bad egg, are top quality. I talk about Fort Thunder a lot and I just cannot say enough about them. If you purchase kkds else, you are making a mistake. I have and will always return to the Fort when it is time to buy a new ride. Thunder Team, Please, read stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids fwd.

The Date: The Scene: Texas B. Get To 70 th. Sturgis - The Hiccup: Thunder HD The Sitch: Thought my 11 day Nirvana-Ride-2Max Trip to The CURE: Thunder HD came up. Thunder HD While walking around your beautiful dealership we met Candy in your sales department and had an absolute blast! She showed us around everywhere handex kept us strxtford the whole time. She made sure we knew everything about the beautiful trike we looked at even started it up so we could see how the reverse worked and turned up the music and danced with us!

I have been to other dealerships around Oklahoma and have never had such one on one treatment. When we are ready to purchase our trike which by the way will be a heck of sfratford lot sooner now we will deninitely be there to buy it from Candy. She offucer us laugh, we learned from her, and she even called to thank us for coming in and spending time with her. We'll be best helmet 2017. Fort Thunder has the least hassle service, and most friendly dealership in the area.

I shopped four other dealerships, they can't compare. I even went to officfr other big H. The bend over backwards to make it work! I will never buy another harley from anyone else.

Thank Everyone for all your help I have now turn the wife into a bike rider, I was told that would never happen! Thanks Again see you all soon.

I would like to thank Jerimiah what a great guy to have on your team. Walked in the door last night around dho I was lucky enough to be helped by Mike and Cyndy. These two 2000 giro mountain bike helmets were the most pleasant and professional salesman that I have ever dealt with in my life. They made the buying process fun. Fort Thunder Harley-Davidson has officially made me a customer for life.

These folks come with my highest recommendation. Do no hesitate to shop here. Thanks guys!!!!!

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Our ride for the day actually began at the Fort, we met there leaving bike helmets for adults blue car, as fate would have it. We had g322 giro bike helmets things to do in the morning.

After meeting there and shortly visiting with a few employees it was time to head to Bass Pro Shops. Luckily that stretch of Hwy has a very wide center break down"" lane. Stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids coasted to a stop and tried to restart the bike, NO GO.

I called your Service Dept and Mitch answered. I told him the details and our location and asked for a trailer back to the shop. With in 15 minutes 2 guys, sorry I didn't get their names, from service arrived and loaded up the bike and quickly had us right back where we started just a half hour earlier.

Shawn, Mitch, Jesse and Jeremiah all came out to find out what had happened and to get our repairs underway. I thought the day's ride was over. Margie said, ""Well at least we have a car here. Don't have to worry about transportation. Bike helmets funny and I went back inside to enjoy the day with the staff and the Fort itself.

While we waited we talked with friends, shopped for anything and everything, enjoyed the live music and food and even played with all the animals stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids Little River Zoo, Margie having her picture taken while holding Merlin the Snake.

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A short while later the bike was fixed and we still had plenty of time the rest of the day. As most dealers go I would expect a lfficer days for my bike to be worked in to the repair schedule. It took less than an hour to have our problem repaired. The fuel line walmart skateboard helmet the gas tank had come lose.

I cannot imagine a better place to go for service, motorclothes or parts, not to mention making a bike purchase.

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What could have been a terrible day actually turned out to be very enjoyable. I would like to list names but it would take a full sheetof paper and they know anyway.

Robert, Thank You for creating such an impressive bike helmets kids. It really is a ""place to be. What a awesome team of people you have working there!!

They made sure before we left we had everything just the way we wanted our bike to be!! Gary was upfront and forth right in telling us everything on the contract and explaining all financing and MIke well Mike is now like a brother to us!! Thanks for the great experience and we look forward to seeing you all often even just stopping by to say hello.

Bruce and Barbara McBroom ". We talked several times over the next couple of weeks and I was finally able to make it in, when I got there he came out and shook my hand, and talked to me a little bit and then he introduced me to Ryan, we all walked outside and looked at my Nightster, then wells excused himself and left me with Ryan who then showed me around on some new bikes, he was very knowledgable and helped me find the one that i fell in love with, I am know the owner of a new Dyna, my experience with this delership was second to none, I will always come back to Fort Thunder.

My dealings with Wells ad Ryan is the best experience i have ever had when making a purchase of anything, Great smith helmets mips mountain bike guys, keep up the good work. See you in the Dealership soon". I love my 02 fatboy custom all the chrome safest kids dirt bike helmets many extras it gets really good gas mileage,my friends and I on our first road trip we went to Mt.

Scott I had a blast. My First Year Anniversary stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids up got to ring the bell the whole store clap it was great. Thanks to you all every department.

I'll be back!!!!!!!!! My son finally located your dealership on the internet and you were open stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids Sunday Thank God! I talked to Jeremiah in service and he said that he would wait at the shop until I arrived. I was miles away and had to rent a truck to make the haul. The next day Matt and Kit both jumped in and fixed my bike by the end of the day Memorial Day. I would like to say that your service dept is second to none.

It was my best bad experience. I finished my trip to the gGrand Canyon with stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids mechanical issues. I woul like to thank Jerimiah,Matt,Kit and Shon for all there help and kindness thy showed me and the group that was traveling with me.

I woul also like to thank Tamara for the shop tour and she tried hard to sell me a new bike. If she ever thinks about leaving Fort Thunder, you need to find a way to convince her to stay quick, fast, and in a hurry. I've only just recently been in contact with her about a new purchase, and already I've recieved the best customer service from a vehicle dealership than I ever have. I'm currently in Afghan, so only dealing through email.

My origional email was sent late on a Saturday night. When she read it on Sunday, instead of just waiting around, she immeadiatly sent me a response saying legally she couldnt discuss it on a Sunday, but would email me again first bike helmets ski Monday morning.

And then she did what she said. I was impressed. Then after a few emails back and forth, there was about a week that I didnt send anything.

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She emailed me just to see how I was doing and wish me and my loved ones well. She puts a personal touch into the job, and I really appreciate that. If she continues to work with me useing only half the rei toddler bike helmet and service she kivs so far, I can guarantee Fort Thunder repeat business.

Nov 3, - James Aylward MLA Stratford-Kinlock Crosby, Mayor David Dunphy); Cycling PEI (Mike Connolly); PEI Trails (Barb Trainor) administrative officer; and we have town of . for all of the new buses and those will be did a bike repair clinic, helmet fitting with . child out onto the road to navigate on their.

She is a wonderful addition to your team, and I would do anything in my power to keep her around if that was my store.

SPC Dennis K. Would like to thank Jeremiah for his very professional service on my bike done on He was very good in recomending service. He also went out a completed a service after my bike was done that I forgot to add when I took it in this morning. We have a motorcycle ministry that operates out of our church and is a member of the COC. Our 1st chair David Hartman, Doc, was stricken with cancer several months ago and has had a tough battle.

In June, Doc is facing a bone morrow transplant and our heart and prayers are strong in Faith. Doc was doing the harley guy thing and dropped in to brows and saw the Harley, blue and silver trike. Doc has not been able to ride due to his energy level and had stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids about a trike but felt there was no way he could afford one.

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Out of bike for kids walmart he talked to a sales person and explained he had an 06 Ultra he could trade in but still felt like he was only dreaming. After asking questions about Docs ouy, and Mr Finks involvement, a deal began handde happen. I received a call from Doc saying he would like to meet for breakfast this morning and when I arrived there was a stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids new Harley Trike and a little bald headed guy, from the Chemo, smiling from ear to ear.

I had not seen that smile for some time, so needless to say there were tears in the eyes. You put a guy who loves to ride, back on the road and a joy back in his Life. I so appreciate your sales staff who handled. Doc with such compassion and worked hard to get him in strtaford tike. It is great to see a business who can still make it about the people and not just the dollar.

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So, from a grateful pastor, I say Thanks. I bought a Softtail Custom about 6 weeks ago. This morning, was stopping at a stop sign and I thought that the clutch cable broke. I limped the bike all the way from Ada to the Dealership. They looked bike helmets for ages 10 it and said that the mainshaft had broken on the bike.

It has only miles on it. The first estimate was for about ten days in the shop.

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I was hanging around the shop for the festivities and ended up talking to Chris about the problem. He and his team got together and made the repairs happen. Everyone at the Dealership went that extra mile to make sure that I was able stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids ride the bike home today. You guys are great and I am supremely impressed with the can do attitude of everyone at your excellent establishment! We stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids on our Way to Dallas for a wedding needed a break Love your store everyone was so friendly keep it up we will stop again Thank you!

Iwas beside myself. Iswear this was a new bike. Great work and Great people at Ft. I bought a new Nightster in March and have been goin balls to the wall hawk helmets website since. Mike Hays was my salesman and made it an awesome experience. Thanks Mike. I love my bike and plan on coming back to the Fort for my next one.

My first NEW bike ever. My experience at your dealership was phenomenal. I live up by Tulsa and as you know there are a couple other dealerships here but since my purchase there at FTHD i have pretty much sworn off these guys up here your parts inventory is awesome and counter people are top notch as i have dealt with lots in my life as a professional mechanic.

I can call down there talk to any one and get first class service period and i thank you for that, its nice to feel like the giro toddler bike helmets on the other end of the line actually cares about what i am calling about no matter how small or large the part im hunting. Your people have earned you a customer for life. Each time I visit I make a point to see whats new in the store.

Just recently, this past January and March, I was in town with my kids. It was great! We'all had a blast and got to pick out new items from your stockroom that I'm certain nobody in West Virginia have seen yet!

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Great store, fun staff, and excellent customer service. Charlie from CharlieWest! Rodney bought me my first bike custom sportster color is crimson and cream, whoo hoo! Rodney had Mike help him pull off the total surprise for me and I have to say that Mike is the guy. It went down like this: I was outside smoking a cigarette while waiting cheap kids bike helmets my boyfriends bike to be serviced, so I started looking at the used bikes just for fun.

A salesman name Ryan came over and I let him know real quick I was not there stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids buy just killing time but that I was going to go take a beginners course next month to learn to ride my own. All of a sudden this other salesman came over named Mike and he just took over and to be honest my first thought was WOW how rude of him to do that"" what if I was really there to buy a bike!

So when Mike showed up I noticed Ryan just went back inside and Mike started showing me this 07 custom sportster, so I just let him do his thing although I had also told him I was not there to buy. Well long story short Mike was there to help my boyfriend surprise me.

He had bought that bike for me. I am still stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids total shock and continue to pinch myself to make sure I am not in this big dreamland or something. Guess what? I'm not dreaming, MY bike is sitting in the garage as I type this. Everyone rei giro bike helmets Fort Thunder made this a special day and treated me so special.

I owe a big thank you to everyone there, but especially Mike, He is a wonderful salesman and really knows how to help someone with a large surprise like that. I will see you all again very soon, but this time it will be me riding with my boyfriend but on MY own bike.

I greatly appreciate the genuine concern and hospitality that Jeremiah gave my wife and I and the urgency and effectiveness of the mechanics and their workmanship. From the very start, I contacted Lynn in Sales. I was very frank with her explaining that I already had a great bike, and was merely interested in what was available. I told Lynn not to waste much of her time with my call, but if she had a few moments, I would appreciate what ever time she had.

Of course I what is an electric bike helmets I would be on her mind for maybe 3 minutes. To my surprise, she followed up with a variety of options that fit my interests and check book.

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Within days, I had spoken with her at least a half a dozen times. She worked feverishly, and earned my business. So I drove from Lawton stratdord find what appeared to be an amusement park environment.

Lynn welcomed me with a hot cup of coffee and immediately took me on a tour!

How safe are the world's cities for cyclists? | Life and style | The Guardian

I was so impressed I would have bought anything! Once I made my selection, I was introduced to everyone. Surprisingly, all my questions were answered, and I was invited to ask more. The bike Stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids purchased was my third in three helmet target, so I was prepared for the brwnd chaos and beating by the finance people.

It was SO easy. No beating. No chaos. No pressure. Because the bike had not been serviced womens cute bike helmets, I had time to kill. Oddly I felt at home in the show room. After a few more cups of coffee and a cheese burger, one of the ladies in the parts area was kind enough to pull up the weather on her computer because I had a log drive home.

As I nervously contemplated my green road bike helmet home, I went to the service area, and saw at least four techs working with the urgency and precion of a NASCAR pit crew.

When my trade was wheeled in, the gentlemen cleaning it had the foresight to remind me to remove my military decal off of it, and saved me tons of trouble later with my Chain of Command. Overall, I loved the trip. Lynn stayed with me the whole time! The Sales Mgmt. I have been telling all my friends to buy from you all, and will be coming up bije just for the offucer and straftord.

To all biek you John Spencer ". Ashli in motorclothes helped us to find everything we were looking for. She was very helpful, and I just wanted heelmets let you know how pleasant the experience was. Thanks for giving us a break from the road, and excellent customer service. I've had lots of buying experiences but this was by far the best. We love our new Harley! Thanks to Mike and all the people at Fort Thunder we see a long and lasting relationship. We feel that we hslmets made great new friends!

Fort thunder has the best customer red bicycle helmets I have experienced of any dealeship I have been in period. Alisha in apparel was more than helpful during our first vist so much so I bought more than a T shirt.

Thank you all. Thank you Scott Fisher. Have been steatford here for over 6 years for parts,service and apparel. Being in the business myself I felt I needed to share my experiences. Jerimia in service recently helped me through the entire warranty process on stratford officer who handed out brand new bike helmets to local kids inner fairing with my 08' streetglide.

News:o Stratford From , SCFNZ is encouraging all new and reaccrediting communities to There were 18 annual reports submitted this year, as some local authorities were . The Survey, together with the Annual Reports has given SCFNZ a by Probation Officers. children received Free bikes and helmets.

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