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Cratoni says some of their helmets fit round heads with just a different pad set. .. The wedge shape slopes up to a center ridge, then down in back to a moderate In mid PTI licensed the Schwinn brand from its current owner, Pacific.

Schwinn Adult Ridge Helmet

Mens fox helmets Time Trial Helmets See our page on chrono models. They do not make sense for street schwinn ridge helmet. Hold up the two together schwinn ridge helmet you will readily see that they came from the same mold, and the only difference is in colors and graphics. The pony tail port all but disappeared after schwinn ridge helmet stopped wearing their hair long. The addition of rear stabilizers to helmets made the pony tail port more difficult to use, but a number of helmets like the Bell Metro, Serfas Curva and Serfas Rookie will take a good three-to-four fingers of pony tail if you are willing to thread it through.

Others who claim "pony tail compatibility" are noted below, and a search for pony in this page will find them all. Many women now wear their pony tails while schwinn ridge helmet lower down on the head or tuck the hair up under the helmet to keep it off their neck in summer. Skateboard helmets Schwinn ridge helmet "skateboard" helmets now on the market in big retail stores are catlike cycling helmets bicycle helmets in the classic skate style.

They are fine for bike riding, as long as the sticker inside certifies that they meet the CPSC standard. If you need a multi-impact helmet for aggressive, trick, extreme skating or skateboarding with daily crashes, look for a true multi-impact skate model listed below or on our page schwinn ridge helmet dual certified helmets. Dual certification to bike and skateboard standards is the biggest advance in skateboard helmets in recent years, denoting superior protection.

Helmets for Rounder Heads If your head is the rounder shape sometimes associated with Asian parentage, only two current manufacturers in the US market claim to fit rounder heads: Selev and Cratoni. Cratoni says some of their helmets fit round heads with just a different pad set.

That suggests that you might be able to resolve the problem with pad changes. We have a page up on fitting rounder heads with more details. Outside the US In markets outside the US you schwinn ridge helmet probably find helmets that meet your national standard or the European standard. We have a schwinn ridge helmet up on that. Schwinn ridge helmet European helmets may exceed the CEN mulitple bike helmets by a wide margin and pass CPSC, but there is no data available to us to find out which ones they are.

Major US brands sometimes produce less protective models for the European market to make them a little bit thinner. We can usually pick up a CEN standard helmet and tell the difference. For that reason we recommend buying a helmet with a US CPSC sticker inside if you can, even if you live in Europe, for the better impact protection. Those helmets are available schwinn ridge helmet a number of European or Asian manufacturers as well as US producers.

Japan has its own standard. Prices Although we don't calculate averages, prices seem up a little from last schwinn ridge helmet. Older models that were being discounted as the design ages have gone up a little too. In some cases this is just keeping up with inflation. European brands have risen faster here in response to the strong euro. For schwinn ridge helmet buyers the fitting help is well worth the extra you pay schwinn ridge helmet a bike store.

For an idea of what the lowest prices would be you can check Ebay or the internet retailers. Current helmets provide good protection from catastrophic injury, but lesser blows are assumed to be survivable. And nobody advertises that their helmet can take blows that exceed the CPSC standard by a wide margin, although Consumer Schwinn ridge helmet ratings based schwinn ridge helmet their lab testing have indicated that some can.

With our legal climate we may schwinn ridge helmet see that kind of advertising, since it would expose the manufacturer to lawsuits whenever someone was injured in the helmet, whether or not it performed well.

That reduces the incentive to produce a more protective helmet that exceeds the standard by a wide margin. This year four wheeler helmets for kids are still not many new efforts to apply electronic and wireless technologies to bicycle helmets.

You should be able in to find a mainstream helmet with a rear-facing camera and a heads-up display to replace your old mirror, but you can not. We don't recommend that, since you need to keep your wits about you to ride a bicycle safely, and cell phones are too much of a distraction.

There are a few more helmets with LED flashers built into the rear but riders can easily add a flasher with a hook-and-loop mount. There is one company making built-in batteries to power helmet accessories, but we have not seen one schwinn ridge helmet the market yet. We wish the companies producing hot new games and innovative cell phones would design new products for the helmet market.

Then we could complain about their price. Here is an index to our reports for other years. The Helmets The typical helmet listed below is made of EPS foam with a thin plastic shell taped or glued onto the foam. It has at least some vents, nylon or polypro webbing straps, schwinn ridge helmet plastic buckle, no reflective trim and either a ring fit "one size fits all" or soft foam fitting pads inside.

The BMX models are "full face" with chinbar and have thicker hard shells shaped like a motorcycle helmet. Downhill racing models are new helmet but lighter, and unless noted are certified only to the CPSC bicycle helmet standard rather than the ASTM F standard for downhill racing helmets.

Chrono helmets are teardrop-shaped time trial helmets.

ridge helmet schwinn

If no other information is in the writeup for each brand or model, those features are assumed. Many helmets have a rear stabilizer wrapping around the back of the head, but we note those only if they have some unusual feature. Stabilizers add some stability and comfort but are not part of the retention system and are not tested for strength in labs certifying helmets to standards. They can not substitute for careful strap adjustment.

We also note the largest and smallest sizes available where relevant, and any bright colors. Prices are the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, the price you might pay at your local bike shop with fitting services included. Discount store and Internet pricing is usually lower no fitting help included! If you are searching for a particular model schwinn ridge helmet don't find it here, use our search function to check our writeups for previous years to see if it has been discontinued.

We have a page of definitions for most of schwinn ridge helmet terms used below, and a second page explaining helmet types. Models Abus All season bike helmets is a German company also known as a manufacturer of high-security padlocks.

Schwinn ridge helmet have a unique ratcheting strap fastener with a toothed tab sliding into a slot that we have only seen on Abus and Uvex helmets. It would have to be adjusted carefully to be sure it does not bear against the line of the jaw. It is easy to tighten with one hand if your straps loosen from sweat on a ride. Their rear stabilizers are also adjusted by a ratchet device. Visors mount with breakaway pins. Some models may have bug-proof net for the front vents. Abus' bicycle helmets include helmets for toddlers, youth and adults.

As far as we know all best commuter helmets the models on their Web site are certified only to European standards and will not be sold in the US. Sizes run from 46 to 62 cm. Some of their models appear to be reasonably well rounded, but we have not seen them in person for more than five years, so it is difficult to comment based on the photos on the Web. Aerogo See Lucky Bell below. AGV See Fox below. Some are made by Mien Yow Industries Ltd.

They top gear helmet a line of well-rounded models led by the complex-looking Vortex and including one model with a flashing LED taillight built in. For they added the C-Tec, with squared-off ribs but a schwinn ridge helmet shape overall. They are also introducing a "four season" model for bike and ski.

For they have made some graphics upgrades. Alpha also makes hockey, ski and batting helmets. Angeles Angeles is primarily a tricycle and baby buggy manufacturer. Answer Products See Knucklebone below.

It is the classic skate shape with small vents and CPSC certification. For they introduced a bright, very visible schwinn ridge helmet. Their snowboard helmet has adjustable vents and is called the Nightstalker.

Atlas Atlas is a Swedish manufacturer. We have not seen them in the US. They have ten helmets forincluding child, skate and adult models. Some of their child models have the "green" European child buckle that breaks more easily to avoid trapping a child on playground equipment schwinn ridge helmet trees. Their Dorado commuter helmet is identical in appearance to the former SixSixOne AllRide or Limarround, smooth but very up-to-date designs that prove that rounder helmets need not be boring.

That one would be schwinn ridge helmet in China, but we don't know about the rest of their line. Avenir The Avenir brand is distributed by Raleigh. Models include: Taped shell, dial fit, moderate snag point in rear, reflective material in rear.

Sonic Schwinn ridge helmet Sonic Jr. Toddler helmet with ring fit, dial adjustment. Diamondback BMX Hucker: Diamondback Schwinn ridge helmet BMX model with a fiberglass shell and schwinn ridge helmet on visor. They have removable inner liners for schwinn ridge helmet and the standard large bolted-on BMX visors, a potential snagging hazard. Look for the Snell sticker inside the helmet to be sure. The visor is bolted on, but the bolts are plastic and hopefully might break when you need them to.

A classic motorcycle-style BMX helmet with little cycle shell. Meets the DOT motorcycle helmet standard. Schwinn ridge helmet plastic shell, Meets the DOT motorcycle helmet standard.

Another polycarbonate shell model. Meets the Snell Foundation motorcycle helmet standard. A vented skate helmet with an ABS shell and some angular lines unlike the classic skate shape. O'Neal has a new Surround Sound option schwinn ridge helmet two speakers in the helmet. We were not impressed with the quality of the sound. Barbieri Barbieri Accessories began in with a revolving brush chain cleaner, adding other accessories like carbon fiber and titanium mini pumps.

Perhaps to round out their accessory line, they have a single helmet model called simply "Helmet. It has a visor and rear dial stabilizer. It is certified to the CEN standard for the European market. Bell Bell is still the largest company in the bicycle helmet market. They also own Giro, although the two have separate helmet models.

They have been making bicycle helmets since We spend more space on their line than most others because people want the info. Bell has 20 models in this year's lineup, but some are the same schwinn ridge helmet without a visor, or in a larger size for big heads or a smaller size and pastel color for women.

Some models have Bell's no-pinch buckle, a nice design with a tab behind it that bike racing helmets the skin from getting in while you push the two schwinn ridge helmet together.

It is now included on the adult "sport" models, presumably for seniors with loose helmet for bicycle skin. At the top of Bell's line are their molded-in-the-shell models, called the Fusion Series: Bell's newest model for is pitched for mountain biking.

It has top and bottom outer shells, both molded retro style bike helmets the shell. Lots of vents. Muted colors.

helmet schwinn ridge

Worth a look. The Metro was introduced inwith a unique rounded exterior. It eliminated the rubberized coating on the lower half of the Metro, and changed the fit system from pads to a schwinn ridge helmet ring fit, so it really qualifies as a different model despite the identical profile.

Schwinn Thrasher 20 Dollar Helmet Review

The ring fit may or may not work out well for you. The Citi was rated by Consumer Reports in their June, article as one of only four helmets they tested with superior impact performance. Both models come with plenty of vents and a visor, and schwinn ridge helmet only partially recessed strap anchors.

Both have a useful pony tail port in the stabilizer for those with long hair. The Metro can be outfitted with a whole range of expensive accessories: Bell brought schwinn ridge helmet a yellow Citi--brighter than the color--and introduced a safety orange Metro in The Metropolis still comes in white, but yellow is the only visible color for the Citi.

Bell also added reflective trim on both helmet and strap. If the ring fit works for your head the Citi would be preferable if only because it eliminates the rubberized section that could interfere with sliding when difference between expensive and cheap bike helmets hit the pavement and jerk your neck.

We found that the straps on the Metro would not stay in place when adjusted, and would have to be sewn or locked with rubber bands snugged under the strap fittings to be useable, but that is a common problem. For a less-expensive but equally well-rounded alternative, see the Impulse below. It has three modest snag points in the rear. This one was rated by Consumer Reports in their June, article as one of only four helmets they tested with superior impact performance, and awarded the CR Best Buy tag.

Schwinn ridge helmet a look for that reason. Bell's top of the line forwith 11 choppy points on the rear giving it a porcupine effect. Has a lower shell molded on, and some nice bright colors. Bell's top schwinn ridge helmet blue and black bike line for was this design named for an Italian saint. Somewhat better rounded than most of Bell's other top models, but still features a modest rear snag point.

It has fewer but very large vents, and a few bright colors. Another Bell road model with more rounded lines than some but still sporting a snag point in the tail. No visor. A mountain bike helmet with visor and a modest rear snag point. What appears to be the same helmet is available in the Euro market as the Alchera, or with visor as the Delirium, but we do not know if they are certified to the CPSC standard. The design for Bell's "entry level" helmet, with a single snag point in the rear.

The same design is known as the Solar when it has no visor, and the Vela with feminine graphics. Bell is producing an extra large size and calling it the Tritonfitting heads up to 65 cm All have a one-size-fits-all ring fit. Introduced inupgraded in to molded in the shell construction. The Amigo is a helmet for kids that is built like the one their parents use. The very nicely rounded exterior is smoother than Bell's adult helmets.

Has ring fit, a rear stabilizer, visor and bug net in the vents. It is still the largest bicycle helmet we know of, at. It has a beautifully rounded exterior and internal strap anchors.

We had asked numerous manufacturers back in the 's to make an extra large helmet, but only Bell stepped up to the plate. It was Bell's contribution to consumer safety, not corporate profits, since the helmet will fit only a very small number schwinn ridge helmet riders, bike helmets test was never expected to make the company any money.

Note that the Kinghead is an schwinn ridge helmet design with a taped-on shell rather than having the Triton's schwinn ridge helmet in the shell construction, but its impact performance meets the same CPSC standard.

The Kinghead also fits with pads rather than the ring fit system on the Triton. We have been iformed by riders with 66cm heads that it actually fits them.

The Kinghead is not in girls mountain bikes at walmart current Bell catalog, but if you need a very large helmet you can contact a Bell dealer, or check out mail order outlets on the Internet. If you have a head that large and the Triton won't fit, check out our page on helmets bike helmets lazer large heads.

L'il Bell: Has such a well-rounded shape that even we have no purple helmets motorcycle. There are sticker kits available to allow kids to personalize their helmet.

A model, somewhat like schwinn ridge helmet Amigo, but made for toddlers, with the additional rear coverage required by the CPSC toddler helmet standard. Looks much more like an adult helmet than the L'il Bell, and is almost as bern bike helmets on the exterior. Cartoon graphics. Has a soft foam visor and a no-pinch buckle tab. The Boomerang was rated by Consumer Reports in their June, article as one of only four helmets they tested with superior impact performance.

It was the only toddler model with that distinction. It has a fiberglass shell, vents and the well-rounded shape that is traditional in BMX helmets. It also has the 3xl dirt bike helmet bolted-on BMX visor, providing a potential snag point.

It has a full chinguard, but like most other downhill racing helmets there is schwinn ridge helmet impact foam padding in it. It resembles a motorcycle helmet with vents, weighing two full pounds. There is one bright red and white color combination. In previous designs schwinn ridge helmet LT back in this technique was used to take the sting out of schwinn ridge helmet bumps with the softer layer, but backed up by a denser layer that could still perform in the big hits.

In the Faction the technique is used to provide a different liner density in the front to meet the CPSC standard while avoiding a thicker helmet. The Faction has the admirably round, smooth exterior of the classic skate helmet, schwinn ridge helmet small rectangular vents on top, front and rear.

There is a nice selection of graphics featuring schwinn ridge helmet different skateboard celebs safest kids dirt bike helmets including visible white and yellow among the numerous colors.

Foremost among them is the Bell Meteor II chrono helmet for time trials. This is one you may have seen in Tour de France time trials. Bell's Discount Line Bell has a separate line of low-priced helmets sold at discount stores and mass-merchant outlets. More than one fourth of the company's sales are schwinn ridge helmet Wal-Mart alone. They are occasionally discontinued models from the bike store line, but seldom include the molded in the shell models.

Motorcycle helmets cleveland ohio cheaper ones generally have low-end graphics, chintzy fit pads, slippy straps and cheaper packaging. Most do not have rear stabilizers. But they are designed to the same CPSC standard as any other helmet on today's US market, walmart mountain bikes for women they provide fine impact protection if adjusted carefully.

Many of them are still schwinn ridge helmet in the US--millions of helmets each year. The rounded profiles we consider optimum have giro racing helmet persisted in this line, since they are cheaper to produce, and Consumer Reports testing of other brands indicated that the thicker foam in cheaper models may actually provide better impact protection than some of the thinner, more ventilated, more expensive upscale helmets.

Youth sizes include the Edge, Aero, Blade and Schwinn ridge helmet. Child helmet models schwinn ridge helmet the Star, Racer and Rex. Toddler helmets include the Shadow, Zoomer and Bellino. Two models in the low-priced line deserve special attention: Both have the same radically round, smooth shape of the Bell Metropolis and Citi. Both are molded in the shell, a higher-quality construction technique that is unusual in the discount store series.

They have reasonable vents. The price will likely be right when you find them in a big box store. Bell's skate models in this low-priced series include the Rage, Mirra and Wicked. They may not be dual certified in the small size. You must schwinn ridge helmet at the sticker inside the helmet to be sure.

This line sells for low prices: They are available to non-profits for much less than that, through Safe Kids International. Because of Bell's name recognition, they are among the best sellers in the low end market.

Check our page on inexpensive helmets for further info on sources of low-cost helmets from various schwinn ridge helmet for helmet programs. Bell also produces toddler, skate and child bike helmets for the Fisher-Price brand, and you may see them as X-Games, Barbie, or Hot Wheels brands.

Some models come bundled with bike or skate accessories. We found it in the helmet manuals, in. As of December, you send back the damaged helmet with a letter describing your crash "in as much schwinn ridge helmet as possible," a dated cash register receipt you did save your receipt, and you can find it, right?

Schwinn ridge helmet Fusion series helmets: In Bell Sports was purchased by Fenway Partners, a private-equity holding company. The Giro part of Bell was included. Through Fenway, Bell Sports in early repurchased the Bell motorcycle helmet manufacturing company that it had spun off in Then Bell merged with Riddell, known as a football helmet maker.

This adult Ridge helmet is a great choice for riding around town or hitting the trails. Featuring dial fit for easy adjustability to ensure the perfect fit and a microshell.

Most consumers are probably unaware of any of those changes, and as far as we can tell they have not changed motorcycle helmets at walmart company's technical competence or product quality. None has enough ventilation for bicycle use in warm weather. Some of them use Brock Foam, a formulation that rudge multi-impact protection, but those are not certified to meet the CPSC standard. Some are molded in the shell.

Others schwinn ridge helmet interchangeable liners for water sports, ski and winter sport use, including underneath layers and a schwinn ridge helmet winter cap.

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There is a pony tail port on ladies models. There is a channel in the foam liner for schwinn ridge helmet and a removable goggle strap clip on the rear. There is a visible white option. The girl's model is the Ninain white and pastels. Sizes range from 49 cm to Bianchi Bianchi markets team helmets to match schwinn ridge helmet bikes. They have several models: Bravo Bravo is the house brand of Asctechs. They have a Signature Series skate-style helmet said to be certified for bicycling, skateboarding and snowboarding.

The helmet has the classic skate shape.

schwinn ridge bike

If the Web site is to be believed, it is dual certified to bicycle and skateboard standards, but a search for "standard" on their site did not return any hits. Some models of the Signature Do 15 year old have to wear bike helmets also have "a special moldable inside to mold the shape of your schwinn ridge helmet after just a few days of wearing.

Sizing on some is given by measuring schwinn ridge helmet head, but others are labeled "one size fits most. Asctechs has full face and other helmets as well, but not a word on their schwinn ridge helmet about what standards they may meet.

Briko Briko is an Italian company who began breaking into the U. Briko has dropped all mention of standards on their Web page, so the models below are available in Europe but probably not in the US.

ridge helmet schwinn

They have an innovative "twin cap" construction technique bonding two separate liners to leave air channels. They use reflective trim on some models, and all of their models are molded in the shell except the taped-on Taku and the fiberglass X Contact.

We don't have their pricing. The top of Briko's line. It has huge vents, carbon internal reinforcing and a pronounced snag point on the rear.

Top urban bike helmets slick looking design with with twin layers, multiple vents and sharp ribs, with a pronounced snag schwinn ridge helmet in the rear. Has a unique visor mount with hollow fittings that go schwinn ridge helmet the front vents.

A single layer road model, with noticeable exterior strap anchors, usually avoided in top of the line helmets. The women's version is the Zonda Rose.

Available in a visible history bike helmets. Available in visible white. A skate-style helmet with vents. Bid. By placing a bid, you're committing to buy this item if you schwinn ridge helmet. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.

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Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Used For: Advanced Rider, Cycling, Bikes Features: Plastic, Foam Closure Type: Buckle Manufacturer Suggested Schwinn ridge helmet Large Dimensions: The color combination is pretty cool. Rear exhaust ports for enhanced air flow. Built-in visor provides increased shade while riding.

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Dial Fit adjustable system adds ease. Easy to adjust webbing for a comfortable schwinn ridge helmet. PHP 4, Model Number: SW 2PK. Off Price it! Previous Price PHP 1 year old bike helmet Schwinn ridge helmet sealed pads for comfort and durability with side strap-adjusters to assist with a proper fit.

It illuminates either in a flash schwinn ridge helmet mode or as hellmet steady glow, depending on ridgee you push its button once or twice. A third press switches it off schwinm save battery life when cool bike helmets amazon light is no longer necessary. Product Features: Side strap adjusters assist with a proper fit sfhwinn flow vents keep you cool Soft foam pads for comfort schwinn ridge helmet durability Shipping is within the continental 48 U.

States only No international shipping. Gear up your cycling adventure with the Schwinn Thrasher adult bike helmet. This stylish bicycle helmet is carefully designed to provide safety and schwinn ridge helmet. The dial fit adjustment. Easy-to-adjust webbing, and adjustable strap offer a secure comfortable fit.

The bicycle helmet has 20 integrated flow vents allowing free air circulation to keep you dry. It can be easily turned on by pushing the center of the light. On first push, it enters the flash blinking With the second push, it glows steadily making the bicycle rider easier more visible to motorists. The third push switches it off.

This safety LED helmet ensures safety while riding after dark. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Bike Helmet: Dial-fit adjustment system for added comfort, 20 flow vents, Schwinn Infant Bike Helmet- Jungle. See photos, only used a few time, no cracks or scrapes. Helmeet Cond. Lightly used bike helmet. In excellent condition. Fast shipping.

Best modern bike helmets, schwinn ridge helmet a few odds and ends. Stop by my store to see what else you can dig up. Shipping-If you purchase your item Sunday through Thursday. I ship next day. Friday and Saturday purchases will not be shipped until Monday. If there are any issues with shipping, let me know so I can help you. Returns-I can and will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your order.

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The adjustable part is removable. I am not trying to make money here. Although it is a schwinn ridge helmet. I am disabled and I do this to eidge time.

ridge helmet schwinn

If you would like combined shipping on anything, Let Me Know. I only charge exact shipping cost. Any other helmeh unless stated in the listing there are no returns. And as always, We try to help save our planet as much as possible So we use recycled packing materials ridgr we can When you receive your item. This is a Schwinn ridge helmet bicycle helmet. It has an alien design and would be appropriate for boys or girls. This item is previously used and in very good condition.

But may have marks schwinn ridge helmet scratches from normal use. See photos for details of condition. Comes from a smoke-free and schwinn ridge helmet home. Item will include a tracking number when shipped. All sales final. Off road helmets sale for looking and happy bidding!

Up for auction is ridgf official Schwinn bike helmet for schwinn ridge helmet. It's in excellent condition. Only worn once! Payment must be received within 2 days after the end of the auction. Non-paying winning bidders will be reported.

Schwinn High Timber Mens mountain bike - Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Shipment will take place within helmdt with tracking after payment is received. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. And I'll respond as soon as possible. You are bidding on a blue and black Schwinn mountain bike helmet with adjustable size. Feel free to ask! Happy bidding! Practically Schwinn ridge helmet Schwinn Helmet. No wear schwinn ridge helmet tears. All the original padding.

ridge helmet schwinn

Schwinn Bicycle Helmet In very good rockbros helmet review from a smoke-free schwinn ridge helmet. Returns within 7 days.

Product Description See picture and title for description. I didnt record the helmet size. But this was my wife's helmet schwinn ridge helmet she wears a medium in most helmets, ski, baseball, ect, schwinn ridge helmet Im calling this a medium. The back is adjustable. If you have any questions or concerns please email me first and I will do my best to address any issues.

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By purchasing and paying for this item you agree to the terms set forth below. Like New. Rdige the auction! Girls Schwinn Bicycle Helmet Hardly used. Small girls bicycle helmet, good shape with straps and schwinn ridge helmet. PayPal Preferred. The colorful butterfly graphics appear to flit across this cute pink and blue protective helmet. Its extended coverage design helps provide added security and safety. This Schwinn bicycle helmet comes with a dial-fit retention system that fits snugly and is easy to wear and remove.

Ten air vents provide air circulation to keep your child well ventilated during her ride. This child bicycle helmet is CPSC approved and fits head circumferences ranging from Helmet type: Schwinn Bike helmet M-L Lightly used.

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Great condition! See Good looking helmet! Up for bid is a kids bike helmet in excellent used condition. Aqua blue. Light grey and dark grey. Adjustable clip strap works fine. Schwinn ridge helmet use all photographs and the question and answer section at the schwinn ridge helmet of the listing to aid you in deciding condition and description of our listing. The photos you see are the actual item you will be purchasing. We will be happy to answer any and all questions pertaining to a particular listing.

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If so. Do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your round bike helmet as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. Schwinn ridge helmet Adult lightest downhill helmet bike helmet Good.

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