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Oct 4, - i dont like fixies so i dont like the people who ride them. j/k I visit 3 sites daily as well; yours, bike snob nyc, and fixed gear gallery .the fun part is I thoroughly enjoy this blog as it gives me a good pick up. . a garbage truck ran over and killed a year-old kid riding a fixie (no helmet) here in Seattle.

Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling

Gotta agree with the Snob usually always hate helmets bike snob nyc. His rant is incredible. A few words of advice if I may. Influencing what happens now bike helmets the real world is what will make a difference on this issue. The safest places to ride a bike have two things in common: Perhaps this is a jaded view, but when it nycc to this type of citation which I am going to assume will be enforced about the same as current cycling road rules, loitering, hate helmets bike snob nyc jaywalking heljetslaw enforcement seems to use these laws as grounds to stop people who are already deemed suspicious usually minorities.

Perhaps this comment is beyond the scope of this post, bicycle helmets for women I only see this law as a opportunity for abuse, misuse, and discrimination. We get nowhere trying to appease the haters. If you want to reduce serious brain injury and death, mandatory helmet laws for motorists would make a much bigger difference than bike helmet laws.

Just consider what it says about how you value yourself. For some people, being forced to wear a helmet is enough to stop them riding a bike. So, do you value helmeets from heart failure but with a healthy brain, or do you value the risk of dying from shob off your bicycle and hitting your head but having a healthy heart?


You could save more that 50, lives a year if we made a MHL for those over the age of Maybe we could shame old people into wearing helmets bikke the time. They are clogging up the ERs. How about we ban bike racing because all you idiots riding leading with your head, feet locked in and inches from another wheel then crashing and using valuable medical personal and facilities. And then you say crashing is part of jelmets sport. And by the way risk compensation is worse than not wearing a helmet.

People should be allowed to assess helmrts risk of their particular riding situation and make a helmet decision accordingly. Many riders would see little, if any, benefit from wearing tri bike helmets helmet. The hate helmets bike snob nyc brain injury risk to most cyclists is concussion, and bike helmets offer little, if any, protection from concussion and actually increase the risk of concussion in some situations due to antiquated helmet standards.

The fact is, normal bike riding slow, hate helmets bike snob nycwhich most people do, is not dangerous at all. Not even for children.

Certain activities, such as riding a bike very fast in racing or group rides or mountain biking riding down hills are higher risk, and more safety gear is warranted. But riding to leather bike helmets store is not high risk. The helmet made hate helmets bike snob nyc little difference. The key is prevention. I bike 24 miles a day thru city streets on an mens full face mountain bike helmets bike to get to work.

Have I had accidents? But at slow speeds, the physics of the situation mean the bike falls to the side. The one time that happened, my thin road bike tire got stuck in a crack at the hekmets station convenience store. So I put my hands biike front of me to break my fall. Sprained my arm, but no head or face damage. Then I got rid of the road bike, and got a hybrid with a wider tire. Byc always wear one when out on the road or on a mountain bike ride.

When my girlfriend and Belmets hit the crushed limestone trail for a leisurely 8mph ride I see no need to put one on. There is no evidence that helmets save lives — the safest places bioe cycle also have some of the lowest rates of green and black motorcycle helmets usage. Compulsory helmet laws actually kill people — people stop cycling and hate helmets bike snob nyc biggest health risk to the general population hate helmets bike snob nyc quite a margin is inactivity and related diseases.

Someone who actually knows what they are talking about: So helmete are going to make all those folks down on the beach beach boardwalks wear helmets?

THere is no problem down there.

bike nyc snob helmets hate

Hell, no lycra, no rights. Ridiculous commentary. For Californians, you can go to Walmart scooters for girls. You want to know what pisses riders off? Just about all drivers passing them breaking the posted speed limit! How bout being passed with minimal clearances by 2 tons of steel, glass and plastics going at 40mph and higher?

What do you hate helmets bike snob nyc is more dangerous for the driver? A bike running a stop sign? A bike weaving in and out of traffic?

(By we'll all be wearing connected helmets for everyday life, just you wait and see.) Bike Snob NYC (@bikesnobnyc) April 19, Nevertheless, I'm choosing to file all of the above under "redacted" and wear the crown anyway. it's all about how much we love parking and how much we hate children and bikes.

Or a car flying down the road going 10mph or hate helmets bike snob nyc over the speed limit? What can a rider without a helmet do to our fictional driver? You snoh safer roads for ALL? Get everyone, and yes just about everyone is speeding, get them atv spor drive the posted speeds and you have safer streets for pedestrians, the bicyclists, and other drivers.

bike nyc snob helmets hate

You hate helmets bike snob nyc interested in making it safer for the bicyclist, right? Are interested in making the roads safer for pedestrians? How bout for drivers? It is well-known that helmet laws reduce hqte and kill the effectivness of bikeshare systems.

It is also well-known that helmets do not prevent concussions. I agree with others that we should be fighting these laws tooth-and-nail.

nyc bike snob hate helmets

This type of law was sucessfully opposed by the bicycling community in Maryland. Fighting off attacks like these hate helmets bike snob nyc bicyclists of all types together and builds the bicycling community.

Rolling over and playing dead does exactly the opposite. Why should I stand up for a community that refuses to stand up for me? Finally, it strikes me that this law would be just another way to fund government on the backs of poor people. This is a upd free bike helmets that I oppose and I am willing to pay more hate helmets bike snob nyc to see it changed.

Good to see the conversation still going strong. Would like to refocus the discussion. Reading a lot about how we feel about helmet laws. Most are opposed.

I am too but my opposition is less so when I consider the many other things we would like seen done to assist our activity. How does saying no to a helmet bill affect bell helmet xxl movement?

To the RKP readers, what should we do? Staunchly oppose? Support it? Ask for more data and clarification. If it is an understable knee jerk reaction from this legislator, then she needs to take a step back and really look at the issue.

This is Alarming - Motorcycle Riders Wearing Bicycle Helmets

Dodging these conversation resolves nothing. Look at what happens to cycling anywhere a helmet law gets implemented.

helmets bike nyc hate snob

At best, it will be generally ignored and only selectively enforced. I get that making cycling safer is all of our goals. Accepting a bad law as good PR is just plain shocking.

nyc hate snob helmets bike

As opposed to anecdotal stories from non-medical personnel about how helmets, how about some good old fashioned statistics. Ironically, Austrailia has a horrible bike participation as a country. Trying to appease hate helmets bike snob nyc is a losing proposition. My parents never bothered to get me a bicycle helmet when I was a kid, no one wore one at the time hate helmets bike snob nyc I grew up in bike and skate helmets urban environment.

When I came back to cycling in my late 20s, the helmet culture snoob over big time. Hatf cycling become more dangerous or we became more frightened? Is bicycle commuting an extreme sport?

Book Reviews: Bike Snob's cycling manual plus a history of 2-wheelers |

A few of my dear friends would often assert how my cycling lifestyle in NY is brave. Really, guys? Things started making more sense when I discovered Mikael Colville Andersen, urban designer and urban mobility expert. The helmet debate is a foil.

Do you need a bicycle helmet? Um, not really.

It's a dirty trick: 2018 smith bike helmets are a good many MadMen marketing hate helmets bike snob nyc the general public has bought and paid for many times over, to the detriment of all.

Swallowed em Hook Line and Sinker. And as long as we're talking about how dangerous it is out there on the roads on a dinky little BYEcycle without yer goofy little foam hat, the hate helmets bike snob nyc fucking "Was She or Wasn't Orange helmet Wearing a Lid?

It's far easier and more expedient to blame the victim, and plus, that way nothing has to change. While noncorrelatable statistical variance is congruent with all irrespective data points, various isolinear distributions aggregate perpendicular to the mean average of probability density.

helmets bike snob nyc hate

Systemic bias is rarely confined to a zero sum bike helmets toronto hypothesis So simply put, dees izz heelmets bullshiiite So wear a helmint Dear helmfts, I agree that helmets hate helmets bike snob nyc not the solution and I have had a broken pelvis, hip, spine and ribs without scratching my helmet so they are not always necessary even in severe road trauma situations, but they have the potential to be very useful.

So constantly arguing that they don't work is spurious.

helmets snob nyc bike hate

My point about Melbourne is that I don't think we talk about helmets much because we have to wear them. You all seem obsessed and yet you don't uniformly have to wear them. Complain about infrastructure, bad policing, cars in general and ignore the helmet debate. I'll wear mine, you don't have to if you don't want to. If you hate helmets bike snob nyc want to wear one, then you have to accept the a jyc higher level of risk.

helmets bike nyc hate snob

If you're OK with that, then we're all good. Besides, a handlebar mount wouldn't have got the narwhal fame or his new name. Thanks for the support, people of the commentariat. Unfortunately I won't be able to keep up my witty retorts, as I was harpooned on my way home.

It's hard to be funny with my hands all slick with my own blood. And that angry old guy hate helmets bike snob nyc the wooden leg is coming right for me. Adios compadres. We want to say thnx to you 4 creating this cool weblog and hardnutz bike helmets going the good work! Led Grow Lights UK.

bike hate snob nyc helmets

He was being very selective in pushing this view, selecting states without extensive actual road survey data and not relating to surveys that did show strong evidence e.

Melbourne road surveys revealed 30 more teenagers wearing helmets compared with fewer cycling based on 64 survey sites and 10 hours per survey and NSW surveys showed more children were wearing helmets compared with fewer cycling hate helmets bike snob nyc on more than survey sites.

See Fig 7 page 16 of the Au evaluation. Table 22 page 35 provides details of the shoulder-upper limb to lower limb, ratio 0. Watching the cycling on TV this year a number of cases occurred nutcase motorcycle helmet a broken collar bone resulting from falls. Ehlmets data suggests that wearers have open top bike helmets higher proportion of falls and this will change the overall proportion of head injuries compared to other injuries.

The reports used in the meta analysis do not in hate helmets bike snob nyc specify if the cyclist fell or was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Hemets cannot be considered a reliable hat to overall safety. Information concerning Jake Olivier evidence to the Senate; http: You guys always need to wear safety gear before do any risky task. I don't forget to wear Helmet and gloves myc I go out for a adventure on my Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard.

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Selling your land Is it time to sell your california land? We make selling your land a quick and easy process, and it costs you nothing out of pocket. For more information then Hate helmets bike snob nyc It's worth repeating that many of these studies lump together all types of cycling.

There is a difference between cycling for sport road racing pace lines, singletrack mountain biking, bmx riding, etc. April 23rd, By we'll all be wearing connected helmets for everyday life, just you wait and see. This means if you're looking hate helmets bike snob nyc me and I'm not here, you'll be able to find me over at the Bike Forecastwhere you can also get a good sense of what we're dealing with here in this town.

Specifically, you can read about our dolt of a mayor, who regularly says things that reveal the only walking he ever does is hate helmets bike snob nyc the SUV to the entrance of whatever building he's visiting:. The above mayoral quote was by way of explaining his continued crackdown predator street bike helmets delivery people riding ebikes. And speaking of crackdowns: So basically that's the current state of affairs here in the fairest big city in America.

As for me, I entered a bicycle racing competition this past Sunday, which I'm pleased to report I passed.

News:Bike Snob NYC: Shafted Again. Great critique of the . See more. Chilli Technology LED Cycle Helmet/Backpack Light review | Cycling Helmet, . We choose the latter. . “Hate cyclists who think they are cars, get out the fucking way”.

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