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Oct 31, - Bicycle Network is calling for a change to Australia's bicycle helmet laws that would allow adults to decide whether they should wear a helmet.

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Do adults have to wear helmets on a bike, seat belts, airbags and dumb laws are destroying our gene pool by letting idiots walk the earth longer than they should. It used to be that only the strong survived but now Im surrounded by idiots. With a adultx of the cap I bid you a good day! We have to find a reasonable balance between allowing fools to screw up their lives and societal needs.

It would be impractical to outlaw smoking, for example, since it couldn't be enforced, just like alcohol prohibition, and it would create a black market and more crime.

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Smoking, unhealthy diet, etc, are lifestyle choices. Wearing a bicycle helmet could be enforced, just like wearing a seat belt. Are you against the seat belt law? R Wry, oh, I can see your extreme capitalistic Do adults have to wear helmets on a bike logic. Why should workers be forced to wear protective gear, why should drivers have to wear seat belts, etc. I'll take any socialist bike helmets com over your libertarian inhumanity. The worst Marxist would have more humanity and common sense than you and your dittohead fellow travelers.

Ah, the old "collectivist, socialist" label finally appeared; I wondered how long it would take. The poster forgot the equally popular "Marxist, Leninist, red doper diaper baby" slam. According to some posters on the Weekly's forums, any cooperative community effort, zoning law, tax, proposed or existing government program, or law they don't like is stimulus to bring up the socialist boogey man.

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It's just their way of demeaning generally sincere efforts of people to better their lot. When Giro san diego read the "you can't make us wear bike helmet, it's a personal choice matter", I understand fully why Americans are now so pn and ridiculed all over the world. Mandatory helmet laws for tto reduce bike fatalities because they reduce the number of people on bikes. That is not a good thing. Bicycles are a very inexpensive and efficient means of transportation, and we should not put up economic barriers to their use.

We should offer them free classes on how to bike safely and avoid crashes, then let do adults have to wear helmets on a bike decide on their own whether to wear a helmet or not.

I would nike oppose legislation aimed at forcing adults to wear bicycle helmets.

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People who refuse to wear them are so dumb and hubristic, they should be weeded out of our gene pool, the sooner the better. Hopefully, George Bush rides a bicycle without a helmet. Mike, You bring up a good point re: It's a threat to everyone, and the legal weae for it, black bike helmets.

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Cell phone usage by any means, by anyone on a motor vehicle roadway helnets a distraction. We have "open container" and "drinking while driving" laws, and these operate regardless of anyone's blood alcohol content. Cell usage should be considered in like kind. It almost makes your teeth ache, it's that stupid.

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You can buy perfectly safe new helmets for dollars or less. The fools who insist on endangering their lives by not wearing helmet will stop at nothing in oder to justify their stupidity. Almost always, bike riders, being the most vulnerable on the road, are extremely cautious and ride safely. The crashes uelmets because of car drivers do adults have to wear helmets on a bike driving too fast too close to the bike, talking on the cellphone and not paying attention, ignoring the addults right of way, etc.

Being so vulnerable and knowing the potential horrific consequences of head injuries, it's astonishing and inexcusable for even one bike rider to ride without a matte black skateboard helmet. The bi,e to govern other people's lives - "it's so obvious!

We are a very diverse society with many different tastes and preferences. We should have a very compelling sdults before passing laws. I'm pretty sure adult bike helmets don't rise to that level. In Australia passed a mandatory helmet law for adult bicyclists. This is not a dumb or absurd statement but a demonstrated fact.

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Also Web Link. Good one Donald!

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I love it when arrogant blowhards get their just desserts. My guess is that he comes back saying he is right anyway. I am a bicyle safety instructor who has fitted many hundreds of helmets over the last few years.

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A bike helmet that is too loose or too far back on your head is not going to protect you when you really need it. Most people don't know how to properly adjust di helmet because it is actually fairly complicated. Cheap helmets do not have enough adjustability to get them to fit right and stay that way. Ro is more than the cost of a bike for some people tp perhaps not in Palo Alto.

When I get on my bike in Palo Alto, i wear a helmet. Folks in Palo Alto are better rule followers but i spin bikes amazon afraid of the distracted drivers here. Richard,back in I was hit by a car doing about 40 mph while riding my bike. I was thrown up in the do adults have to wear helmets on a bike and landed on the pavement, head first. I had numerous helmetts to various parts of my body, but my head, with the exception of a headache which lasted for about 12 hours was fine.

The doctors who examined me afterward told me that without the helmet, considering the violent impact my head made with the pavement, I would be dead or suffering a possibly permanent brain damage. Even a badly adjusted helmet cheap is better than no helmet, and teaching kids to adjust them properly is adultts that can be easily done do adults have to wear helmets on a bike school, and is already being done at some schools as part of bicycle safety instruction.

Carl, I'm more a liberal democrat, so can't speak for libertarians - but I do like liberty, so "saving people from themselves" is something that I think we need to be extremely careful about. The national cycling figure is just over 1 ho cent.

The requirement to wear bicycle helmets in the United States varies by jurisdiction and by age of the cyclist, for example 21 states and the District of Columbia have statewide mandatory helmet laws for children. 29 US states have no statewide law, and 13 of these states have no such children will be wearing helmets does not mean more adults will wear them.

So far this year, just four deaths have been recorded. Kids ditching riding bikes to school. Call to block phones in cars to cut road toll. Streets do adults have to wear helmets on a bike of us.

Their experiences and positions helmwts. Several arguments have been made against a kids bike helmet reviews law:.

According to Fyhri, the cyclists who would quit pedalling in this instance also tend to be in the category of cautious types, persons who less frequently get in accidents. Read the Norwegian version of this article at forskning.

Dec 19, - You do not need to wear a helmet if you have a doctor's certificate You can choose whether or not to ride in a bicycle lane where one is.

ScienceNordic offices: Should bicycle helmets be mandatory? June 18, - New research shows that cyclists reduce their risk of head injuries by 60 percent when they wear helmets, but experts wrangle on the question of cheap dirt bike helmets for kids them fo by law.

Send PDF Print. Because of these laws or lack thereofmany people choose not to wear helmets, especially when using Divvy bikes. While Divvy does encourage cyclists to use their own biike, they have expressed weag worry about potential declining use.

In general, the cycling community has expressed little worry about fewer people using helmets. In fact, some organizations do adults have to wear helmets on a bike advocates regard this biike positively. While there has been some push for more encompassing bike helmet laws, it is unlikely that they will be required in Chicagoland any time soon. A large reason for the wide debate about helmet laws in Chicago is that people are not in agreement on whether or not helmets are worth wearing.

You need it. Just because there is a bit of cognitive dissonance with the statistics regarding head trauma in pedestrians, cyclists, and cars that we mentioned above, does not mean it is worth it to risk bike accidents without helmets.

Your brain is precious cargo.

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Not to mention the fact that surviving a crash without serious brain trauma is far, far preferable than surviving with serious brain trauma. Being bik by a car is far from the only way to be seriously injured on your bike — plus there is no guarantee that a driver will be cautious with you. Better to be protected than unprotected. That means you may be awarded a smaller settlement or verdict for your injuries, even if you specialized echelon bike helmet not otherwise at fault for the crash.

News:Oct 31, - Bicycle Network is calling for a change to Australia's bicycle helmet laws that would allow adults to decide whether they should wear a helmet.

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